Learn Dutch with Spotify

Listen to music on Spotify to learn Dutch

Listening to Dutch music is a great way to learn the language!

Did you know:

  • When we sing along, we aim to copy the sound and tone of the voice. This way, we also copy the accent of the singer. This helps you to diminish your foreign accent.
  • You enrich your vocabulary in ways you don’t learn from a course book. In music, a lot of phrases and informal words are used that you don’t necessarily find in course books or novels.
  • Listening to Dutch songs helps you memorise vocabulary. Every time you sing along, you remember the words better. Remember learning the Alphabet song as a child?

Use Spotify as a fun addition to your Dutch courses.

Are you looking for a Spotify Playlist with nice Dutch songs? Here’s a nice one!
The songs in this list are a bit melancholic (suits the weather these days!)

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