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You can book all of our courses at our registration page.

Course Tests & Certificates

The intake and the practice exams are very simple tests and don’t give an exact proof of your level. Do you want to take a more elaborate test? Then take our Level Tests.

Online and Classroom Courses

Because of covid, all our classroom courses are actually hybrid courses. This means that you can choose if you want to join physically or online, for each individual lesson of the course.

The teacher and most students will be present in the classroom. If you can’t join because of lockdown, quarantine or self-isolation, you can log in at Zoom to participate in the lessons. You will be able to hear all students and the teacher, however you’re usually only able to see the teacher and the screen.

We have found that this kind of teaching works very well, however keep in mind that occasionally you can’t participate in some activities, since they’re not always optimalised for online teaching.

In case a teacher has to quarantine, the lessons during those weeks will also take place online.

Hybrid Dutch course

We are located inside BrightSpace, which is an office building. You can find the entrance left of the apartment omplex Fronten-Veste. Before your first lesson, you will receive a link with which you can open the gate with your phone.
You can also call your teacher through the intercom left of the gate so we can open it for you.

Teaching Approach and other questions

Especially in the beginners courses (A1 and A2) we use English as a support language. This means that we explain grammar and definitions using English. You should know some basic English to understand this. Of course, we also use lots of (Dutch) examples to clarify things even more. In B1 level, English is phased out more, and we usually don’t use any English in B2 courses.

Learn Dutch in Maastricht

Statensingel 2 (located inside Brightspace)

6217 KD Maastricht



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