How we keep the virus out of the classroom

What about Classroom courses?

We are currently allowed to have physical classes.

If you book a Classroom course, you’re expected to physically come to class.

Online participation is possible in case you need to quarantine (other reasons may be discussed with the teacher). When you join online, it’s possible that you’re not able to participate in every exercise – our focus is with the students that are present in the classroom.

If you already know that you wish to join more than two lessons online, please book an online course instead.  

We are back in the classroom

According to the government website, we are currently allowed to have physical classes. We have taken lots of measurements to ensure safe learning. You can read all about it below.

Please read here:

What happens when there is a lockdown?

update 17-11-2021

In case of a new lockdown, courses take place on the day that they’re planned, but they will happen online. This means:

  1. You can follow the lessons on Zoom when necessary.
  2. Once the lockdown is finished, the course will continue in our covid-proof classrooms.
  3. You can still join online, even when we’re back in the classroom, in case you need/want to quarantine.

If you ordered the course book from us and the first lesson takes place online, we will ship it to the address provided in your registration. Please inform us if you want it shipped to another address!

Stay healthy,

The Learn Dutch in Maastricht Team

Non-lockdown measurements:

We do everything we can to limit the spreading of the disease.

These are the measurements we took:


  • Face masks are obligatory in all public buildings in The Netherlands.
  • This means that you should wear your mask when you enter the BrightSpace building and when you walk around in the communal areas.
  • Once you’re seated in the classroom, you can take off your masks.

Other measurements

  • In case you or a house member show symptoms, you stay home. You can follow the lessons real-time via Zoom.
  • In case more restrictions are put in place, (the remainder of) the course will take place via Zoom. We aim to keep teaching physically as long as it’s allowed and possible.
  • We keep at least 1,5 meter in between students. Keep your distance from others in and around the building.
  • There’s a sanitizing station at the entrance of the building. Everybody who enters the building is requiered to sanitize their hands.
  • The furniture will be disinfected after every lesson. 
  • We ventilate the rooms before and after class.
  • Facemasks are not obligatory in class, but welcome.

Separate tables for each individual studens, handgel on every table.
Students join physically or online (Zoom).
1,5 meter in between students and online participation possible.

Lots of distance between the students at our Dutch courses

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