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Hi, I’m glad to see you’re checking my page, so I’ll tell you something about me.

I’m Raoul, a natural born Dutchie and living in Maastricht now for 15 years.

Until 2018, I’ve worked in the environmental services, both in municipalities and corporate. During my career, I noticed how much I enjoyed helping my co-workers achieve their projects and dreams. Over the years, my interests shifted and my passion for coaching and teaching got increasingly bigger.

In 2020, I decided to fully commit to help expats and students find their way in the Dutch communities and workplaces.

I’m currently working at Learn Dutch in Maastricht as a back office employee. I help with, among other things, organisation, planning and administration. With this starting point, I’ll use my coaching and teaching skills as well as my professional experiences to develop new activities and services within Learn Dutch in Maastricht.

For example, we’re now developing conversation lesson packages, so that you can practice what you learned in your lessons in an informal setting. It’s a perfect way to mimic the small talk us Dutchies are famous for.

Furthermore, we’ll develop our brand new concept Workin’ Dutch. A hybrid of coaching and teaching where you can learn the Dutch language as well as the skills that will help you to get better at your job, find a new job or teach you valuable lessons about how the Dutch workplace is set up, so you know how to get the best out of it.

I hope to see you soon in one of our new activities!

Learn Dutch in Maastricht

Statensingel 2 (located inside Brightspace)

6217 KD Maastricht


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