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NT-2 docent gezocht!

Learn Dutch in Maastricht breidt uit!

Ben jij of ken jij iemand die graag Nederlandse les wil geven? We horen het graag!

We zoeken iemand die:

– uitstekend kan balanceren tussen taalnazi en standupcomedian

– ervaring heeft met lesgeven en dat zelfstandig kan doen

– de Nederlandse grammatica begrijpt en eenvoudig kan uitleggen

– van spelletjes houdt

– bij de KvK staat ingeschreven (of zich wil inschrijven)

– minimaal 2 uur per week beschikbaar is, liefst meer en liefst ook ’s avonds


Je wordt marktconform beloond.

Stuur even een mailtje naar, dan kunnen we een keer nader kennismaken.


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Who’s teaching?

Dutch teacher Selma BoerrigterThat would be me. Hi. I’m Selma with-the-unpronounceable-last-name Boerrigter. I studied here in Maastricht at the university. Then, I stuck around in this lovely city and here I still am today.

I have worked as a Dutch language professional since graduation in 2007. I was mostly working as a copywriter, until late 2011, when I discovered  that teaching my ‘funny’ language is way more challenging, rewarding and well, it’s lots of fun too. So here I am, teaching foreigners to say oe, eu, ei and ui, and giving tips on how not to choke when pronouncing the ‘g’.

Next to my own language school, I started working parttime at Berlitz in 2015 and received professional training from this worldwide renowned language institution. I also took some online language instruction courses at the British Counsil. During and next to these courses, I’m constantly looking for new ways to challenge and motivate both myself and my students. This has resulted in a rating of 4,9/5 on my facebook page review section. Go ahead and have a look at what other people have said about me and the courses!

I’m also the organizer of the Language Exchange Group Maastricht, a facebook group where you can find your buddy to practice Dutch with.

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Why choose Learn Dutch in Maastricht?

Here’s 7 reasons for taking a Dutch course with me:

1. Small groups equals fast learning

  • Groups are only 4 to 10 students (a usual group has 6-8 participants). So there is plenty of time and attention for everybody.

2. Unique learning experience – classes are in Caracola, a former Dutch primary school.

  • Take lessons in a Dutch school.

3. Hands-on exercises

  • Practical lessons about everyday life – learn today, apply it in real life tomorrow.

4. Free wifi

  • Feel free to abuse the wifi network.

5. Free water, coffee and tea

  • A large selection of teas and soluble coffee.

6. It’s also cheap.

  • The course fee is reasonable for every wallet and all material is included in the course price, so you don’t have to buy a book.


So what’s keeping you from signing up now for one of my Dutch courses?!

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