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Who’s teaching?

Selma Boerrigter

That would be me. Hi. I’m Selma with-the-unpronounceable-last-name Boerrigter. I studied here in Maastricht at the university. Then, I stuck around in this lovely city and here I still am today.

I have worked as a Dutch language professional since graduation in 2007. I was mostly working as a copywriter, until late 2011, when I discovered  that teaching my ‘funny’ language is way more challenging, rewarding and well, it’s lots of fun too. So here I am, teaching foreigners to say oe, eu, ei and ui, and giving tips on how not to choke when pronouncing the ‘g’.

Next to my own language school, I started working parttime at Berlitz in 2015 and received professional training from this worldwide renowned language institution. I’m constantly looking for new ways to challenge and motivate both myself and my students. This has resulted in a rating of 4,9/5 on my facebook page review section. Go ahead and have a look at what other people have said about me and the courses!

I’m also the organizer of the Language Exchange Group Maastricht, a facebook group where you can find your buddy to practice Dutch with.

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Who’s teaching?

Martina LucicDutch teacher Martina Lucic

My name is Martina. I’m 24 years old, and in 2016 I graduated from the Vertaalacademie in Maastricht. I have been working as a Dutch teacher and translator ever since. When learning a new language, I think a personal approach is very important. That’s why Selma’s teaching method works very well. It’s wonderful to see students develop not only their language skills but also their personal skills. There’s nothing more gratifying for me than that. I always look forward to meeting new people.


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Incompany Training

Would you like to offer Dutch courses to your employees or co-workers, at the times that work best for them? We already teach expats at several companies within Maastricht, for example Sappi and DHL.

Learn Dutch in Maastricht offers incompany-training, which means that the teacher will come to your location, within Maastricht. Travel time, material and VAT are included in the course price.

We can invoice per student or per group, depending on your preference.

Please contact us well in advance, so we can book time in our schedule.


Please get in touch for a price estimation. You can include the location, number of students and the level of the students in your message for a better quote.


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A1 part 1 course – Basic Dutch Course


Do you have no or hardly any knowledge of Dutch? Then you should join this course! You will learn all the basic essentials – not only grammar but also what to say when you:
– meet people
– order food or drinks at a bar or restaurantr
– go shopping for food or clothing
– talk about your day
– etc.

The Basic Dutch course is 8 lessons (1,5 hour each) for €80. Only 10 spots in total!


What do I need to know to join?

To join this course, you don’t need to know any Dutch yet.

What is my level after completing A1 part 1?

After completing Dutch course 1 part 1 you are able to

• introduce yourself and others in Dutch

• order something at a bar, restaurant or market

• start a simple conversation in Dutch

• talk about your hobbies

• ask and answer questions about yourself and others, such as where you live, where you are from, people you know

• talk about and buy clothing

• make an appointment with a friend

• fill out an official form and write small personal notes

• count and spell in Dutch


After completing A1 part 1 you know:

• how to use the present verb tense in Dutch (ik werk, hij is, wij hebben, etc.)

• vocabulary regarding the following themes: countries, languages, nationalities, restaurants, food, groceries, drinks, family, time, days, months, seasons

• Dutch customs in restaurants, cafés, supermarkets, etc.


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A1 part 2 Dutch course

Did you take a basic Dutch course at the Talencentrum or with me or did you pick up quite some Dutch here and there already? Then this is the course for you.

You will:
– learn to speak about the past in present perfect tense (ik heb gewerkt)
– expand your vocab and grammar
– practice your conversation skills by talking and listening, discussions and language games.

What do I need to know to join?

In order to join the A1 part 2 course, you need to be able to introduce yourself and others in Dutch. You can ask and answer simple questions about yourself, such as where you live, people you know, and things you own. You can talk about your family, tell time, make an appointment, and order something at a bar, restaurant, or marketplace. You can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases to satisfy concrete needs. Grammatical proficiency: you are comfortable in using only the present tense.

What is my level after completing A1 part 2?

After completing A1 part 2 you are able to …

• talk about the weather

• describe your job and education and ask others about their job and education

• describe and ask for directions in cities or buildings.

• congratulate someone on their birthday, their new job, their new home, etc.

• talk about your past, about what you did last weekend, about your last holiday, about when you were a child, etc.

• talk about your plans for the rest of the day, for tomorrow, for the rest of the week and in the far future

• travel by public transport (buy a train ticket, understand and give information about travelling by train)


After completing A1 part 2 you know…

• how to use the present perfect tense

• vocabulary regarding the following themes: public transport, maps and directions, cinema, customer service, holidays

• Dutch customs regarding birthdays, small talk and communication by phone


After completing A1 part 2 your level of Dutch is A1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

The course is 8 lessons (1,5 hour each) for €80. Only 10 spots in total!




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A2 Dutch course

A2 (for people who know basic Dutch)

What is expected of you at the start: You are able to have small, basic conversations in Dutch and you kind of know to use present perfect (‘Ik heb gewerkt’ / ‘Ik heb gelopen’) – Mistakes are fine, we’ll practice it more).

What do I need to know to join?

In order to join the A2-1 Dutch course, you have to be able to interact in a simple way, provided the other person speaks slowly and clearly, and is prepared to help out. You can participate in basic Dutch conversations while shopping, in bars and restaurants, or at home. You can ask for directions, tell an uncomplicated story, talk about your past and next weekend, and write a simple e-mail and/or letter. Grammatical proficiency: you are comfortable using the past and future tense.

What is my level after completing A2 part 1?

After completing Dutch A2 part 1 you are able to …

• go to the cinema (buy a ticket, understand and give information about the movies)

• politely ask for information

• enquire after the other people’s future plans

• express your opinion briefly and enquire after the other people’s opinions

• talk about your house

• write a postcard from your holiday address

• make a phone call


After completing A2 part 1 you know…

• how to use more complicated sentences in Dutch (subordinate phrases, using words like omdat, als, ik denk dat, hij zegt dat, ik wil weten of… etc.)

• basic vocabulary regarding the following themes: fashion, colors, movies, public transport, housing

After completing A2-1 your level of Dutch is A2- according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

All classes 10 students max!

8 lessons for only €80, including course  materials and VAT.


Courses with less than 4 signups might get cancelled.

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A2 conversatiecursus

Wil je meer oefenen met spreken? Heb je een A2-cursus gedaan? Dan is dit de cursus voor jou!

In deze korte cursus ga je:

  • een korte presentatie geven
  • praten over verschillende thema’s
  • oefenen met standaardzinnen
  • oefenen met uitspraak, woordaccent en intonatie
  • veel nieuwe woorden leren
  • spelletjes doen

Deze korte cursus is 4 x 90 minuten en kost maar €40. Dit is inclusief materiaal!

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A2 part 3 – A2 totaal

De A2 deel 3 cursus is ideaal voor studenten die eerder een A2 cursus hebben gedaan en nu meer willen oefenen met bekende grammatica, vocabulaire, spreken en luisteren.

We bespreken oude maar ook nieuwe thema’s, zoals:

– beroepskeuze en solliciteren

– naar de politie

– toerisme

– telefoneren

– de toekomst



– herhaling presens

– herhaling perfectum

– herhaling imperfectum

– zitten/liggen/staan/ hangen

– toen, als, dan en andere conjuncties

– relatief pronomen (die, dat)

– zijn … aan het …

– indirecte zinnen en vragen (ik denk dat…., ik wil weten of…. )

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Private Dutch lessons

Please note: both teachers are already very busy and we don’t have any possibility to accept new private students, especially in the evening hours. We expect to have new openings only in September 2018. Please fill in the form below, if you want us to contact you as soon as we have availability.


Do you want to learn Dutch at your own pace? Then taking private lessons is a good idea. With Learn Dutch in Maastricht, you can learn Dutch the way you want it:

  • Do you want several hours of tutoring per day or one hour whenever you find the time? We can arrange the lessons according to your time table.
  • You can take minimum 1 hour to maximum 3 hours lessons.
  • We focus on what’s important to you: speaking, writing, grammar, etc.

Our teacher Martina is available for private lessons usually on Mondays and Tuesdays between 09:00 and 19:00.

We offer Dutch lessons up to level B2.

Terms & conditions for private lessons

  • You can pay the whole course price up front, by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card.
  • Do you need to cancel a lesson? Please cancel 24 hours beforehand, otherwise we can charge for the lesson.
  • We provide an invoice on request.


Tell me more about private lessons!


Sign up for Dutch group lessons instead or ask a question first.