Koen Friederichs

Dutch teacher KoenHi, I’m Koen. You could say that multilingualism is in my DNA; my first name is Dutch and my last name German. I have been living in Maastricht for about ten years now, and (almost) consider myself a local. I studied at Maastricht University and there I became very enthusiastic about teaching.

Besides teaching, I love languages and I feel very fortunate that I can combine and share these passions with my students. I have been giving Dutch lessons for two years now. One of the many interesting things about facilitating a language course, is that you learn to look at something you consider to be simple through the eyes of others. By being empathic, listening well, trying to place yourself in someone else’s position and actively trying to understand the perspective of others, you can come a long way. Not only when teaching a language, but also in life.

Well, enough wisdom for now. When I am not teaching Dutch, I love to go to the cinema, read a book (or two), go climbing and many other things.