Why choose Learn Dutch in Maastricht?

Here’s 7 reasons for taking a Dutch course with me:

1. Small groups equals fast learning

  • Groups are only 4 to 10 students (a usual group has 6-8 participants). So there is plenty of time and attention for everybody.

2. Unique learning experience – classes are in Caracola, a former Dutch primary school.

  • Take lessons in a Dutch school.

3. Hands-on exercises

  • Practical lessons about everyday life – learn today, apply it in real life tomorrow.

4. Free wifi

  • Feel free to abuse the wifi network.

5. Free water, coffee and tea

  • A large selection of teas and soluble coffee.

6. It’s also cheap.

  • The course fee is reasonable for every wallet and all material is included in the course price, so you don’t have to buy a book.


So what’s keeping you from signing up now for one of my Dutch courses?!