A1 part 1 course – Basic Dutch Course


Do you have no or hardly any knowledge of Dutch? Then you should join this course! You will learn all the basic essentials – not only grammar but also what to say when you:
– meet people
– order food or drinks at a bar or restaurant
– go shopping for food or clothing
– talk about your day
– etc.

What do I need to know to join?

To join this course, you don’t need to know any Dutch yet.

What is my level after completing A1 part 1?

After completing Dutch course 1 part 1 you are able to

• introduce yourself and others in Dutch

• order something at a bar, restaurant or market

• start a simple conversation in Dutch

• talk about your hobbies

• ask and answer questions about yourself and others, such as where you live, where you are from, people you know

• talk about and buy clothing

• make an appointment with a friend

• fill out an official form and write small personal notes

• count and spell in Dutch

After completing A1 part 1 you know:

• how to use the present verb tense in Dutch (ik werk, hij is, wij hebben, etc.)

• vocabulary regarding the following themes: countries, languages, nationalities, restaurants, food, groceries, drinks, family, time, days, months, seasons

• Dutch customs in restaurants, cafés, supermarkets, etc.