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Learn Dutch in Maastricht is a small Language School solely focused on the Dutch language. The approach is simple and personal: I teach at my own place, to a maximum of six students at a time. This keeps the courses personal, fast and enjoyable.  At the moment I offer up to B2 group courses and private lessons.

A regular course is only 8 lessons (divided over 4 or 8 weeks). This way, you can step in whenever you feel like it and you don’t necessarily have to take lots of lessons if you only want a couple.  If you want to do a full A1 level , you should take two courses. The A2 level consists of 3 courses. B1 and B2 are again 2 courses each. Every course is €75 and course material and VAT is included in the price.

You can now sign up for these courses:

January 2015

Course name Start date End date8 Day and Time  
A1 part 1    05/01 29/01 Monday 17:30-19:00 & Thursday 17:30-19:00
A1 part 1 07/01 25/02 Wednesday 13:30-15:00
A1 part 2 08/01 26/02 Thursday 13:00-14:30
A2 part 1    05/01 30/01 Monday  10:45-12:15& Friday 10:45-12:15
A2 part 2 05/01 02/03 Monday 19:30-21:00 (No class 16/02)
B1 part 1 08/01 26/02 Thursday 19:30-21:00
B1 part 2 14/01 04/03 Wednesday 17:30-19:00
B2 part 2 14/01 04/03 Wednesday 19:30-21:00

Currently running courses (you can’t sign up for these anymore)

 A1 part 2  17/11  12/12      Monday 10:45-12:15  & Friday 10:45-12:15  2x
A2 part 1 17/11 11/12      Monday 17:30-19:00 & Thursday 17:30-19:00 2x
A2 part 3 17/11 11/12      Monday 19:30-21:00 & Thursday 19:30-21:00 2x

The time table is subject to change!

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