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Learn Dutch in Maastricht is a small Language School solely focused on the Dutch language. The approach is simple and personal: I teach to a maximum of ten students at a time. This keeps the courses personal, fast and enjoyable. I offer up to B2 group courses and private lessons.


All group courses are taught at my classroom at Caracola. (look on the map). The entrance of the building is at Edisonstraat, behind the Trefcentrum. Caracola is located in an old primary school and is a wonderful location to learn Dutch. You can park for free in the street (Voltastraat), or park your bike in the bike parking. It’s also walking distance from the train station.

Take a Summer course  in Dutch!

Want to learn Dutch fast and fun over the summer? I will organise some intensive summer courses again in June, July and August 2017.

An intensive Summer Course is a great way to learn Dutch fast and efficiently. Within just two weeks, you can gain a full level; and in one month, you can climb up 2 levels!

The classes are on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (Not Wednesday) from 10:00-13:30, with a small break halfway the lesson.

Each Summer Course is €225, including 28 hours of class, all course materials and taxes.

Course name Start date End date 
Summer course A1 FULL 19/06 30/06
Summer course A2 FULL 03/07 14/07
Summer course B1 WAITING LIST 24/07 04/08
Summer course A1 4 SPOTS AVAILABLE 07/08 18/08
Summer course A2 4 SPOTS AVAILABLE 21/08 01/09

You can sign up for your Summer course here.


You can now sign up for the following regular courses:
Level Course name Start date End date  Day and Time
A1 →A2-

course 3

A2 part 1 15-06 03-08 Thursday 17:30-19:00

The following courses are currently running or finished. You can’t sign up for these courses anymore.

Course name Start date End date  Day and Time
A1 part 2 FULL  20-02 16-03 Monday & Thursday 20:00 -21:30
A2 part 2  FULL 19-01 16-03 Thursday 17:30-19:00 (no lesson on 23 Feb due to Carnaval)
A2 part 3 FULL 23-01 20-03 Monday 17:30-19:00 (no lesson on 27 Feb due to Carnaval)
A0 →A1-

course 1

A1 part 1 FULL
07-03 30-03 Tuesday & Thursday 13:30- 15:00 (last lesson on 30 March at 15:30-17:00)
A1- →A1

course 2

A1 part 2
01-03 19-04 Wednesday 17:30-19:00
A1- →A1

course 2

A1 part 2 FULL
20-02 16-03 Monday & Thursday 20:00 -21:30


Level Course name Start date End date Day and Time
A1- →A1

course 2

A1 part 2
10-04 15-05 Monday & Thursday


(no lessons 17, 24 and 27 April)

A1 →A2-

course 3

A2 part 1
23-03 18-05 Thursday 17:30-19:00 (No lesson 27 April – Kings day)

course 5

A2 part 3

23-03 18-05 Thursday 20:00 -21:30 (No lesson 27 April – Kings day)
A2 →B1-

course 6

B1 part 1


03-04 29-05 Monday 17:30-19:00 (no lesson on 17 and 24 April)
  • The course dates/times are subject to change.
  • WAIT LIST: When a course has a wait list, the maximum amount of students has subscribed, but you can still sign up in case a student changes their mind. I can’t promise you can join!
  • FULL: When a course is full, you can’t sign up for it anymore. Register early to avoid disappointment!
  • A minimum of 4 students is needed to start a course. In case there are less registrations, I might opt to postpone the course or limit the course duration. I will of course always communicate about this and you may freely cancel your registration when you’re unhappy with a change!

The course structure

A regular course is only 8 lessons (divided over 4 or 8 weeks). This way, you can step in whenever you feel like it and you don’t necessarily have to take lots of lessons if you only want a couple.  If you want to do a full A1 level , you should take two courses. The A2 level consists of 3 courses. B1 and B2 are again 2 courses each. In case you’ve never taken a course before, you should take the A1 part 1 course. Please contact me if you’re in doubt about your level.

 Sign up now and secure your spot!

Or take Private Lessons.

Not convinced yet? Read more on why to choose Learn Dutch in Maastricht for your Dutch courses. Or contact me with your questions.

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